Tawuniya Health Insurance Hospital List

Get the Tawuniya approved list of hospitals in Saudi Arabia all cities including Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and Mecca. Tawuniya Medical Service Provider Network Approved for your Treatment This list contains the name of the approved medical services provider network for my Family and plans contact numbers are also given with each hospital and clinic. Log in to the e-services provider network appointed for your insurance policy. In emergency cases only you may visit the nearest medical provider even if it is outside of your approved medical service provider network.

Below we explained the deducible ratio which is different for each network remember to check your health insurance policy for which network you fit in. In the list, you can’t find which network is supported by Hospital. Download the complete list with instructions for more information.

1. Mandatory Provider Network(MPN)

This is also called Tawuniya medical insurance class c hospital list. Any person in this policy needs to pay a ratio of 0 to 20 percent of the total hospital bill with a maximum amount of SAR 75.

2. Outside Hospital Network (OHN)

This is also called Tawuniya medical insurance class B hospital list. Any person in this policy needs to pay a ratio of 0 to 20 percent of the total hospital bill with a maximum amount of SAR 300.

4. Outside Complex Network (OCN)

This is also called Tawuniya Medical Insurance class A hospital list. Any person in this policy needs to pay a ratio of 0 to 20 percent of the total hospital bill with a maximum amount of SAR 100. The OCN network includes Hospitals, Medical Clinics, and Medical complexes. Dental Clinics, Physiotherapy Clinics, Optical Centers, and Hearing Aid Centers.

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Tawuniya Network Provider List

If you are an employee and your company chosen Tawuniya to be your health insurance provider then it is possible that you will fall under Tawuniya 360 degree health insurance plan, which is designed for SMEs and Cooperate sector employers. This list contains the only the hospital for 360 Plan which is meant for company employees only for the list of myFamily Plan Refer to below Link. Read More about 360 Plan here.

Tawuniya Hospital list for My Family Plan

Hospital NameAddressCityPhone
The Eye Consultants RiyadhAt Takhassusi Branch St, Al Olaya, Next to SAUDI BASF, RiyadhRiyadh+966114616161
Saudi German Hospital King Fahad Branch Rd, Opp to SAMSA Express, Riyadh Riyadh+966920007997
Victoria HospitalKharis Branch Rd, Ath Thubat, Ar Rawdah, Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaRiyadh+966112099999
Sulaiman Al Habib Medical GroupKhurais Branch Rd, Ar Rayyan, RiyadhRiyadh+966114909999
King Abdulaziz Medical CityPrince Mutib Road, Ar Rimayah, Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaRiyadh+966118011111
Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City Hospital, King Fahd Rd, Banban, Riyadh 13567, Saudi ArabiaRiyadh+966920021199
Al Azhar HospitalAbu Hurairah, An Nasim Ash Sharqi, Riyadh 14245, Saudi ArabiaRiyadh+966112366788
Al Osrah International HospitalBilal Ibn Rabah, Aluraija Al Gharbiyah, Exist 29، Riyadh Saudi ArabiaRiyadh+966114311111
Al Jafel International HospitalWestern Ring Branch Rd, Aluraija Al Gharbiyah, Riyadh 12978, Saudi ArabiaRiyadh+966114322222
Al Jazeera HospitalHassan Ibn Thabit, An Nasim Al Gharbi, Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaRiyadh+966920005322
Al Hammadi Hospital
Khalid Ibn Yazid Ibn Muawiyah, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12244, Saudi ArabiaRiyadh+966114622000
Al Hammadi Hospital, Al NuzhaPrince Muqrin Ibn Abdulaziz St, An Nuzhah, Riyadh 12474, Saudi ArabiaRiyadh+966114977777
Hayat National HospitalAr Rabwah, Riyadh , Saudi ArabiaRiyadh+966920000094
Sulaiman Al Habib Maternity2565 Street Number 74, Al Olaya، Al Olaya, Riyadh 12214, Saudi ArabiaRiyadh+966115259999
Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital, King Fahd Rd, Al Olaya, Riyadh , Saudi ArabiaRiyadh+966115259999
Saudi German HospitalAl Batarji،، Al Zahra District، Jeddah 23521, Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966920007997
Sela Medical Company (International Diabetes Care Center)Salama Center, Prince Sultan Rd, As Salamah, Jeddah 23437, Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966920004478
Elixir Medical Centerشارع الحمدانية، Al Hamadaniyyah, Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966122886667
King Abdulaziz Medical City King Abdul Aziz Medical City, Jeddah Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966122266666
Magrabi Center (Eye, Ent & Dental)Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah Rd, Mishrifah, Jeddah 23331, Saudi ArabiaJeddah
Abu Zinadah HospitalAl-Baghdadiyah Al-Gharbiyah, Jeddah , Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966126510652
Aya Specialist Medical HospitalPrince Sultan Branch Rd, Al Mohammadiyyah, Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966920012342
United Doctors HospitalAl Jazirah, Al-Ruwais, Jeddah 22231, Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966126533333
New Jaddani Hospital, SafaAl-Safa, Jeddah Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966126772221
New Jaddani Hospital, GhulailHasan Ghulail, Jeddah 21462, Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966126368100
Al Hamra HospitalAl Iman, Al-Hamra’a, Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966126653777
Al Hayat HospitalAt Tilfizyun St, Unit #1، Jeddah Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966126370707
Samir Abbas Hospital3597 Al Kurnaysh Rd, 6946، Jeddah 23411, Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966920012525
Al Zafer HospitalAl Ahwas, Al-Safa, Jeddah 23456, Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966126799747
Al Zahraa HospitalAbdullah Kadhim, Al Zahra, Jeddah Jeddah+966126823331
Al Mostaqbal HospitalMohammed Fida, Street، Jeddah 22331, Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966126875255
Erfan & Bagedo General HospitalKing Fahad St, Al Sitteen Road، Jeddah Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966920008485
Bugshan General HospitalAl Faisaliyyah, Price Mohamed Bin Abdulaziz (Tahlia) Street Cross with Madinah Road، Jeddah 23322, Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966126691222
Jeddah National HospitalAziziyah, Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966126710040
New Jeddah Clinic HospitalAirport Street، Al Kandarah, Jeddah 21411, Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966126313131
Hai Al Jameah Hospital Al Jami`ah، Jeddah 22341, Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966122166671
Hassan Ghazzawi HospitalAl Fariq, Aziziyah, Jeddah 23333, Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966126650486
Khalid Idriss Hospital & Co6883 Al Matar, Al Baghdadiyah Ash Sharqiyah District, Jeddah 22235, Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966126423555
Sulaiman Fakeeh HospitalFalastin, Al-Hamra’a, Jeddah 23323, Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966920012777
Bakhsh Hospitalانس بن مالك،، Al Sharafeyah, Jeddah 23216, Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966126510666
Ghassan N. Pharon HospitalAZ Zahra District, Jeddah 23425, Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966920019666
Abdullatif Jameel Rehabititation HospitalPrince Mutaib bin Abdulaziz Rd, Al-Safa, Jeddah 23341, Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966126770001
Ibn Sina National College Hospital9047 Al Mahjar, حي المحجر، 3817، Jeddah 22421, Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966126356555
Magrabi Hospital (Eye, Ent & Dental)Kilo 3، Khozam Street، Makka Road، Jeddah Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966920018000
Halah Essa Bin Laden Hospital3370 Al Wafa, Al Hamra District, Jeddah 23323, Saudi ArabiaJeddah+966920003747

Download Complete Network Provider list from Below


Basic coverage in Health insurance

When looking for and comparing health insurance , the first step is to respond to some essential expectations. What does health insurance need to be the best? Well, mainly, it must offer a series of basic benefits that not all insurers offer from the start.

According to a survey carried out by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), based on the opinion of almost 9,000 of its members, the main problem of 20 percent of users with their insurers lies in the non-coverage of a treatment that they yes he believed himself included. That is why having minimum services guaranteed is essential, in order to avoid setbacks of this style.

Thus, to determine which is the best private health insurance in Spain, it is essential to start from the base. All health insurance, to be among the best, must include:

  • Primary assistance.
  • Medical specialties.
  • Diagnostic tests.
  • 24 hour emergency service.
  • Surgical interventions.

From this point on, it is possible that some companies, in their policy offering, do not include these six essential coverages. Beyond these, there are others such as dental; pregnancy or childbirth; or assistance abroad which, being more specific, should be included or not in the policy depending on the user in question.







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