Bupa Arabia Hospital List in KSA (Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Khobar)

Bupa Insurance awarded Best Health Insurance Company of the year 2020 by MEII(Middle East Insurance Industry), due to the diverse and pioneering health insurance products offered by Bupa Health Insurance, the special insurance program for the elderly which is the first of its kind in the Middle East. Middle East Insurance Industry Review audited by Ernst and Young also hail Bupa Arabia for its health insurance program for SMEs. Bupa Arabia also ranked first for most valuable companies in Middles East by Forbes 2020, which also awards Bupa Arabia the position in the top 100 companies in the Middle East.

The unique healthcare services and innovative products are the core achievers for Bupa Arabia, the company’s effort in making insurance more diverse also gives positive growth to local businesses and improves the overall performance of Saudi Companies. The innovative insurance products are tailor-made to meet the needs of the Private Sector, Public Institutions, Small and Medium Scale Industries. Special program for families and Individual improves the overall wellbeing of society.

Bupa Arabia Also attributes their success to Vision 2030 which give incentives to improve quality and competence of health care and insurance industry. The company is consistently moving towards a sustainable future and positive environment by providing innovative health insurance solutions to the community.  Bupa Arabia’s effort put in improving health insurance services also made them one of the most valuable brands in Saudi Arabia according to Brand Finance.

The new program for elderly parents by Bupa Arabia is the first health insurance designed only for elderly persons. The priority and care to the elderly are important for Bupa Arabia the new product is an example of this. Elderly people have specific needs for their health due to their age they need special programs for covering diseases like cardiovascular, vision, hearing, and Alzheimers. Bupa Arabia makes a list of hospitals, Clinics, and health care providers that will provide specialized care to Elderly parents.

Bupa Arabia Health Insurance Hospital List

Bupa Arabia health insurance plans like Tebtom and Rahatom are added with a provision called Bupa Parents to include maximum cover for elderly people in existing programs. Everyone wants to see their parents smiling and enjoying their old age, these programs ensure high-level living and safety for your parents. The new program will cut any hassled caused to elders such as priority treatment is given to elderly people without waiting in long queues.

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Hospital and Clinic NameCityAddressPhone
Al Azhar HospitalRiyadhAbu Hurairah, An Nasim Ash Sharqi, Riyadh Opposite to Al Turki International +966 11 236 6788
Al Falah International HospitalRiyadhGhubaira,Ammar bin Yasir Str., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia+966-1-446-3737
Al Hammadi HospitalRiyadhKhalid Ibn Yazid Ibn Muawiyah, Askaria Compound, Al Olaya, Riyadh +966 11 462 2000
Al Hayat National HospitalRiyadhAr Rabwah, Riyadh Eastern Ring Road, Opp Al Othaim WholeSale, Saudi Arabia+966 9200 00094
Al Jafel International Hospital RiyadhWestern Ring Branch Road, Aluraija Al Gharbiyah, Riyadh 12978, Saudi Arabia+966 11 432 2222
Al Jazeera Hospital – RiyadhRiyadhHassan Ibn Thabit, An Nasim Al Gharbi, Riyadh 14236, Saudi Arabia +966 9200 05322
Al Mobarak HospitalRiyadh King Faisal Road, Al Murabba، Al Murabba, Riyadh 12613, Saudi Arabia+966 11 401 5282
Al Osrah International Hospital RiyadhBilal Ibn Rabah, Aluraija Al Gharbiyah, Exist 29، Riyadh Saudi Arabia+966 11 431 1111
Al Safwa Hospital RiyadhAl Safwa Hospital Abdulrahman Ibn Ali Al Ash Shaikh, As Sulimaniyah Riyadh, Saudi Arabia+966 11 222 2333
Dallah Hospital RiyadhFas, An Nakheel, Riyadh 12381, Saudi Arabia+966 9200 12222
Dar Al Shifa HospitalRiyadhKing Fahd Rd, Al Wisham, Riyadh 12741, Saudi Arabia +966 9200 08843
Dr Abdul Rahman Al Mishari HospitaRiyadhSufyan Ibn Ayinah Riyadh, Al Olaya 8001111987
Dr Ahmed Abanamy HospitalRiyadhAl Imam Saud Ibn Abdul Aziz Branch Rd, An Nakheel, Riyadh 12381, Saudi Arabia+966 11 400 9004
Elite Medical & Surgical CenterRiyadhrince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Rd, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12241, Saudi Arabia+966 11 461 6777
Green Crescent HospitalRiyadh7763 Abdulmalik Ibn Marwan, Al Mutamarat, 4162, Riyadh 12711, Saudi Arabia+966 9200 02063
King Fahad National Guard HospitalRiyadhAr Rimayah, Riyadh+966 11 801 1111
Kingdom HospitalRiyadhAth Thumamah Road, Ar Rabi, Riyadh 13316, Saudi Arabia+966 11 275 1111
Magrabi Eye, Ear & Dental Center Riyadhing Fahd Rd, Al Mohammadiyyah, Riyadh +966 9200 18000
Magrabi Hospital RiyadhEastern Ring Branch Rd, Ar Rayyan, Riyadh 11564, Saudi Arabia +966 9200 18000
Obeid Specialist HospitalRiyadhAl Farazdaq Road, Ad Dhubbat, Riyadh+966 11 476 7222
Rabiah HospitalRiyadhOld Kharj Road Exit 19+966 11 499 9000
Riyadh Care HospitalRiyadhRiyadh Care Hospital 8395 Unayzah St, Ar Rawabi, Riyadh
Care National Hospital Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz Rd, Al Zahra, Riyadh
Family Health-Care Center 7859 Ibn Shaheen St, Ar Rawdah, Riyadh
+966 9200 04585
Riyadh Medical CenterRiyadh3611 Al Urubah Rd As Sulimaniyah Riyadh 12245 8622 Al Urubah Rd, As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh+966 11 465 3060
Saudi German Hospital – RiyadhRiyadhSaudi German Hospital, King Fahad Branch Rd+966 9200 07997
Specialized Medical Center & HospitalRiyadhKing Fahd Rd, Al Olaya, Riyadh+966 11 434 3800
Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation
JeddahPrince Mutaib bin Abdulaziz Rd, Al-Safa, Jeddah 23341, Saudi Arabia+966 12 677 0001 ext. 1
Abuzinadah Hospital JeddahAl-Baghdadiyah Al-Gharbiyah, Jeddah+966 12 651 0652
Al Hamra Hospital JeddahAl Iman, Al-Hamra’a, Jeddah 23324, Saudi Arabia +966 12 665 3777
Al Hayat HospitalJeddahAt Tilfizyun St, Unit #1، Jeddah Saudi Arabia+966 12 637 0707
Al Jedaani HospitalJeddahUdi Ibn Asim, Al-Safa, Jeddah+ 966-2-6368100
Al Mostaqbal HospitalJeddahMohammed Fida, Street، Jeddah+966 12 687 5255
Al Zafer Hospital – JeddahJeddahAl Ahwas, Al-Safa, Jeddah 23456, Saudi Arabia+966 12 679 9747
Al Zahra Hospital – JeddahJeddahAbdullah Kadhim, Al Zahra, Jeddah+966 12 682 3331
Bugshan General Hospital JeddahAl Faisaliyyah, Price Mohamed Bin Abdulaziz (Tahlia) Street Cross with Madinah Road، Jeddah+966 12 669 1222
Dr Bakhsh Hospital JeddahTuyfay Ibn Zayed Road Al Sharafeyah, Jeddah +966 12 651 0666
Dr Erfan & Bagedo General Hospital JeddahKing Fahad St, Al Sitteen Road، Jeddah +966 9200 08485
Dr Ghassan N Pharaon General HospitalJeddahAZ Zahra District, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia +966 9200 19666
Dr Hassan Ghazzawi Hospital JeddahAl Fariq, Aziziyah, Jeddah +966 12 665 0486
Dr Khalid Idriss HospitalJeddahAl Matar, Al Baghdadiyah Ash Sharqiyah District, Jeddah 22235, Saudi Arabia +966 12 642 3555
Dr Soliman Fakeeh Hospital JeddahFalastin, Al-Hamra’a, Jeddah +966 9200 12777
Halah Essa Bin Laden HospitalJeddahIbrahim Adham, Al-Hamra’a, Jeddah+966 9200 03747
Ibn Sina College HospitalJeddahAl Mahjar, حي المحجر، Jeddah966 12 635 5566
Jeddah Clinic HospitalJeddah: Airport Street، Al Kandarah, Jeddah 21411, Saudi Arabia+966 12 631 3131
Jeddah National HospitalJeddahAziziyah، Jeddah 21492, Saudi Arabia+966 12 671 0040
King Khalid Hospital – National GuardJeddahOld Makkah Rd, Saudi Arabia+966 12 226 6666
Magrabi Eye & Ear Center – JeddahJeddahKilo 3، Khozam Street، Makka Road، Jeddah Saudi Arabia+966 9200 18000
Magrabi Eye, Ear & Dental HospitalJeddahAl-Madinah Al-Munawarah Rd, Mishrifah, Jeddah 23331, Saudi Arabia+966 9200 18000
Naseem Jeddah Hospital JeddahAl Udaba, Aziziyah, Jeddah 23342, Saudi Arabia +966 12 287 5570
New Al Jedaani HospitalJeddahHasan, حسنين احمد، Ghulail, Jeddah+966 12 636 8100
New Jeddah Clinic HospitalJeddahPalestine Square, Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah Rd, Al-Hamra’a, Jeddah+966 12 667 5000
Saudi German Hospitals GroupJeddahAl Batarji،، Al Zahra District +966 9200 07997
Saudi HospitalJeddahAl Qalam, Mishrifah, Jeddah+966 12 671 1831
United Doctors HospitalJeddahAl Jazirah, Al-Ruwais Jeddah 22231, Saudi Arabia+966 12 653 3333
Al Rafie Hospital Makkah Mustashfa Ar Rafi, An Nuzhah, Mecca 24227, Saudi Arabia+966 12 545 4455
Al Salam HospitalMakkahJabal An Nur, Mecca 24238, Saudi Arabia+966 12 577 2222
Al Shifa Hospital MakkahAl Mansur, Al Hindawiyyah, Mecca 24232, Saudi Arabia+966 12 533 3555
Alawi Tunisian hospital
MakkahAlawi Tunisian hospital
+966 12 558 7777
Makkah Medical Center MakkahAt Taniem, Mecca , Saudi Arabia+966 12 522 2222
Muhammed S. Bashrahil HospitalMakkahAl Umrah Al Jadidah, Al Madinah Al Munawarah Road، Mecca 21955, Saudi Arabia+966 12 520 4444
Saudi National Hospital MakkahAzizeyyah، Mecca +966 12 556 2177
Umm Al Qura General Hospital Makkah Ibrahim Al Khalil, Al Kakiyyah, Mecca+966 55 542 3920
Al Mouwasat Hospital – DammamDammam Immam Al Termithy Street, Dammam+966 9200 04477
Arrawda HospitalDammam93 Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd Road, Al Tubayshi, Dammam 32233, Saudi Arabia+966 13 834 6555
King Saud Rd, Al Haras Al Watani, Dhahran 34232, Saudi ArabiaDammamKing Saud Rd, Al Haras Al Watani, Dhahran 34232, Saudi Arabia+966 13 853 2555
Kahhal Medical Complex Dammam Abu Hurairah St, Al-Hamra’a, Dammam+966 13 809 7777
Magrabi Eye & Ear Center – DammamDammamUhud, Dammam +966 13 818 0000
Saud Al Babtain Cardiac CenterDammamGhirnatah, 5443 King Khalid, Dammam +966 13 851 7000
Tadawi General Hospital Dammam Al Mazroueya District، Dammam 31481, Saudi Arabia +966 9200 25919
Al Mana General Hospital – Al KhobarKhobarPrince Talal St, Al Khobar Al Shamalia, Al Khobar 34425, Saudi Arabia
+966 9200 33440
Al Yousif Hospital KhobarAl Khobar Al Janubiyah, Street 27 and Street 28 Cross, Al Mubaraz St, Al Thuqba، Al Khobar +966 13 864 2736
AS Salama HospitalKhobar2nd Street, Al Khobar Al Shamalia, Al Khobar +966 9200 23552
Dr Fakhry & Al Rajhi Hospital KhobarPrince Bandar Street, 1st & 2nd Cross with، Al Khobar +966 9200 08981
Magrabi Eye, Ear & Dental Center –KhobarKing Abdulaziz St, Prince Turkey Ibn, Al Khobar 34429, Saudi Arabia +966 9200 18000
Mohammad Dossary Hospital Khobar4th St, Al Khobar Al Janubiyah, Al Khobar 34621, Saudi Arabia+966 9200 05072
Pro Care HospitalKhobarKing Saud Rd, Olaya, Al Khobar+966 13 895 5900
Al Mana General Hospital – Al JubailJubailRd 113, Al Huwaylat, Al Jubail +966 13 341 2000
Al Mana Medical Center – Jubail JubailDeffi, Al Jubail 35811, Saudi Arabia +966 13 349 5555
Al Mouwasat Hospital – Al Jubail JubailAl-Andalus Rd, Deffi, Al Jubail+966 9200 04477
Royal Commission Hospital – Jubail Jubail Al Lulu Rd, Fanateer, Al Jubail 31961, Saudi Arabia+966 13 346 4000

Bupa Arabia Hospitals in Riyadh:

There are many hospitals in Riyadh with world-class equipment and modernized caregiving methods. Most of the hospitals with King written before them are the finest ones. King Fahad National Guard Hospital in King Abdulaziz Medical City also includes Cardiac Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Obstetrics, and Gynecology.

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Bupa Arabia Hospitals in Jeddah:

National Guard Hospital, International Medical Center, The National Hospital Jeddah, and the Saudi German hospital all are very famous to local residents for their high-quality hospitalization and delivering excellent quality health care with the highest level of standards.

Download List of Complete Bupa Health Insurance Hospital and Clinics in Jeddah

Bupa Arabia Hospitals in Dammam:

Considering Dammam is one of the major financial city of Saudi Arabia, it has a huge number of Private companies that uses Bupa Arabia for employees’ health insurance, King Fahad Specialist Hospital Dammam, Arrawdha General Hospital, Al Mouwasat Hospital – Dammam, Magrabi Eye & Ear Center all of them has state-of-art medical equipment.

Download List of Complete Bupa Health Insurance Hospital and Clinics in Dammam


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