Tawuniya Health Insurance Plans

Tawuniya also called as Company for Cooperative Insurance is a pioneer of Insurance coverage in Saudi Arabia founded in 1986. It is a Saudi Joint Stock Company that purely practice insurance business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in accordance with Islamic Shariya. Tawuniya has two types of insurance plans Family and the 360 Cooperate plan. The family plan is eccentric toward giving sharia-complaint Health insurance to various family members of the community and their dependents while 360-degree health insurance is focused on small and medium enterprises for health coverage of their employees.

Tawuniya is an efficient insurance company that is able to offer personalized services to each client. Tawuniya benefits from an open and attentive team, quick in action, and available. The profusion of insurance companies also gave rise to the creation of many small subscriptions more or less useful such as boat and building insurance, schooling, or even travel.

Choosing a good insurance company is important because the insured must first of all be able to discuss and be comfortable with his insurer. This permanent communication offers the advantage of being able to find out about the terms of the contract to be signed and the real conditions experienced. If the profusion of companies of the kind can induce any newcomer to the error, it is always possible to use an insurance comparator on the web to optimize its choice.

Tawuniya offers various coverages aimed at taking charge of reimbursements and other damages that may possibly occur in the life of an individual. Tawuniya insurance company is very diverse, depending on the services it offers. Due to its history and one of the biggest insurance companies in KSA. Among the most common insurance coverages, we find insurance covering people, material goods, machines, and all-inclusive insurance.

My Family Health Insurance Program

Tawuniya health insurance plan for society family members is called My Family health insurance, this plan is designed to provide sufficient healthcare coverage for families in Saudi Arabia in compliance with the rules and regulations of Islamic Sharia law. This program has a range of insurance coverage and divided into four categories.

Tawuniya “My Family” plan gives health coverage for both inpatient and outpatient services, in this program members would get covers for medical diagnosis, treatment, pharmaceuticals, vaccination, maternity, pregnancy as well as existing medical coverage. One of the main characteristics of Tawuniya is their approved medical network which is the largest among all insurance companies in Saudi Arabia so wherever your residence is Tawuniya is nearest to you.

Different Plans under Tawuniya “My Family”

Due to the different budgets and requirements of each family Tawuniya separates the “My Family” Program into four categories.

    • My Family Silver
    • My Family Golden
    • My Family Platinum
    • My Family Diamond

All of the above categories are included with full benefits and complete comprehensive health coverage.  Local ambulance services,  Circumcision for newborn male babies, Ear piercing for newborn female babies, Vaccinations for children as per MOH specification are covered in all categories of “My Family” health insurance.

The maximum policy benefit limit per person every year is the amount cap for which the company will pay for each individual covered. For example, if your hospital bills of all year are under the Maximum policy amount Tawuniya will reimburse the amount. If bills exceed the policy amount then all charges will need to be paid by the member himself. For the “My Family” Silver and Gold category patient will be given with shared room in case of hospital admission, platinum and diamond members will get a Private room.

Outpatient services fees are covered up to SAR 200, silver members can get doctor check-ups of up to SR 75, gold members can get SR 100m while Platinum and Diamond members will get SR 150 and SR 200 respectively. Hearing and any other aids cover is SR 1000 for all categories. All plans are only applicable within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

360° Health Insurance Plan for SME

The Gulf region is one of the diverse regions for insurance companies because of many cooperate sector companies working their which requires the best insurance coverage for their employees at a minimal price. At Tawuniya they identify, manage, analyze the potential risks for the companies which they must need to cover. 360 Tawuniiya health insurance is a customizable plan for companies which provides SMEs all type of insurance coverage. Proper insurance benefits business to grow more without worrying about potential risks and protecting their workforce.

Tawuniya 360 Degree Insurance has six categories each with its own unique benefits VIP network gives an annual coverage cap of 100,000 SAR while the lowest basic coverage is 500,000 SAR. Outpatient pre-authorization for VIP, Platinum, and gold is SAR 1000.

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