Medgulf Hospital List in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam

Medgulf Hospital List – Class A, B, CA and VIP

Medgulf has an extensive list of Hospitals, Medical Centers, and Dental Clinics all around Saudi Arabia, their Salamtak program offers comprehensive health insurance coverage to private sector employees, individuals, and families. Medgulf health insurance covers health care services that include consultations, treatments, and medication through its strong hospital partnership with the network of hospitals.

You can easily find the network hospital near you as the vast number of hospitals, clinics, and medical professionals all across the country partnered with Medgulf Saudi Arabia. The divided health insurance plans in different classes according to the network of hospitals Class A has a higher number of hospitals and clinics than Class B and C. Medgulf VIP Class is a special insurance program that gives more coverage to individuals including complex diagnostics, dental, eye care, and much more.

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One of the standout features of Medgulf Saudi Arabia is its Roadside Assistance program. Medgulf understands the importance of providing immediate assistance to individuals facing vehicle breakdowns or accidents, ensuring their safety and peace of mind. With a wide network of service providers, Medgulf offers prompt assistance and support in case of any roadside emergencies.

As a leading insurance provider, Medgulf Saudi Arabia also offers reinsurance services to its clients. Reinsurance is a risk mitigation strategy used by insurance companies to protect themselves against significant financial losses. Medgulf’s professional and experienced team works closely with its clients to understand their specific needs and tailor reinsurance solutions accordingly.

medgulf insurance hospital list

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Medgulf Hospital List

Medgulf coverage is spread all around the middle east including UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait. In Saudi Arabia Medgulf network is located in each country here is the list of cities where Medgulf hospitals are located.

  • Abha
  • Abqaiq
  • Afif
  • Aflag
  • Arar
  • Badr
  • Baha
  • Bisha
  • Buraydah
  • Dammam
  • Gizan
  • Hail
  • Haqel
  • Hasa
  • Jeddah
  • Jubail
  • Khamis Mushyt
  • Kharj
  • Khobar
  • Madina
  • Makkah
  • Najran
  • Qatif
  • Riyadh

Above are some of the large cities of Saudi Arabia where MedGulf is present to check the whole list of hospitals must download the following PDF file.

Download Medgulf Complete List of Hospitals

Medgulf Hospital List in Riyadh




Dallah Namar Hospital


Magrabi Center


Saudi German Riyadh Hospital


Roaya Eye Center


Dar Alshefa Hospital


National Blood and Cancer Center


Binrushd Center


Al Mawed MEDICAL Center


Al-Sharq Poly Clinic Clinics


Integrated treatment center for physiotherapy and medical rehabilitation


Al Alami Medical Complex


Dar Alarab Medical Complex


Download Complete List of Hospitals in Riyadh

Medgulf Hospital List in Jeddah




Abeer Medical Center, Sharafiyah, Jeddah


Al Aziziah Polyclinic


Al Hamra Hospital


Al Zahra Hospital


Andalusia Dental Center


Dr. Hassan Ghazzawi Hospital


Dr. Bakhash Hospital – Sharafya


New Jeddah Clinic Hospital


Khalid Polyclinic 2


Download Complete List of Hospitals in Jeddah

Medgulf Hospital List in Dammam




Adwaa Al Hikmah Dental Center


AL Faraby Medical Center


Al Taqwa Medical Complex


Canadian Medical Center


Mouwasat Dispensary


Mada Dental Center


Al Wazzan Vision Dammam


Dento Plast Centers


Abeer Medical Center – Dammam 


Download Complete List of Hospitals in Dammam

Medgulf Saudi Arabia is a reliable partner in Saudi Arabia for insurance options. Medgulf makes sure that its clients are covered for all parts of their lives by making sure they have great customer service and a wide range of insurance goods. From Roadside Assistance to the SALAMTAK program and its large network of hospitals, Medgulf puts its customers’ health and happiness first. Their commitment to quality has made them a major player in the Saudi Arabian insurance business and set a high standard for the industry as a whole.


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