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Tawuniya International Travel Insurance – Visit Visa

Tawuniya offers an International Travel Insurance Program designed to provide comprehensive protection and peace of mind during your trips. Here’s a guide to Tawuniya travel insurance based on the information provided:

International Travel Insurance Program:

  • Coverage Details: The insurance covers incidents during international travel, including domestic flights as part of an international trip.
  • Cost: Discounted prices are available for young travelers under 65 years of age.
  • Children Coverage: Children under two years old are covered for free when accompanied by an adult.

Program Terms:

  • Schengen Insurance: Valid for international trips outside Saudi Arabia, not exceeding 24 hours within the country.
  • Personal Accident: Covers personal accidents and emergency medical expenses up to SR 200,000.
  • Excess: A deductible of SR 200 per claim applies.
  • Commencement: Valid for trips starting and ending in Saudi Arabia.
  • Residency: Available for Saudi Arabia residents only.
  • Winter Sports: Available for individuals under 65 years, with special conditions for those over 65.


  • Why Travel Insurance: Protects against trip cancellations, missed transport, and medical emergencies.
  • Policy Cancellation: Short-term policies can be canceled within 10 days of purchase or before travel. Annual policies can be terminated at any time.
  • Getting Quotes: Start a quote online, fill in trip details, and make a payment by card.
  • Submitting a Claim: Contact the call center or email for claims submission and follow-up.
  • Policy Cancellation: Cancel your policy through the Tawuniya application by selecting your travel insurance policy and following the cancellation process.

Contact and Travel Insurance Claim

Call center phone: 8001249990

Email: p&cclaims@tawuniya.com.sa

Submit your claim now: click here Follow up your claim now: click here

For more information or to purchase/renew your policy, visit Tawuniya’s website or contact their customer support.


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