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5 Best Dental Clinics in Riyadh – Expert Recommendations

Are you looking for the best dental clinics in Riyadh and don’t know which one to opt for? It is logical: given the large number of dental centers, it is difficult to compare where you will receive the treatment and specialists you are looking for.

For this reason, we want to help you in your search and explain what you should take into account to find the best dentists in Riyadh. You never know what oral problems you may present throughout your life and not all of them can be solved by a general dentist.

Although thinking of a dental clinic can lead us to imagine caries problems, orthodontic treatments, or whitening, the truth is that it encompasses a large number of specialties.

For this reason, once you find a dentist you trust, the ideal is that they can offer you the solution to any type of problem related to your mouth. As it is a normally long process and requires monthly check-ups with the specialist, it is important that we put ourselves in the hands of a trusted Dentist in Riyadh.

Dental Clinic



Sanaya Dental Care

Zayan Dental Clinic

Horizon Dental Clinic

Loran Dental Clinic

Moustashark Dentist

Sanaya Dental Care

Sanaya Dental Clinic, located in Central Riyadh. This clinic is run by Dr. Rose who has spent more than thirty years betting on quality services, as well as honesty and clarity in the treatment of their patients. Precisely, their commitment to offering the highest quality standards translates into the renovation and fine-tuning of its facilities with the latest advances in the sector.


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One of their Client Martin Murray Said about Sanaya Dental Clinic “The crew is excellent they take care of you. We’ve utilized this clinic for both adult and pediatric services on multiple occasions. I’ve had fillings and crowns done here, and the processes are excellent. Dr. Rose is my dentist, and she has a terrific attitude and incredibly competent procedures.”

Address: Al Urubah Branch Road العروبة Takhassusi, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Zayan Dental Clinic

Another of the best dental clinics in Madrid is Zayan Dental Clinic, whose philosophy of patient care makes them feel at home. This added to the best quality dental treatments, makes the experience of going to the dentist a pleasant and satisfying one. Their Services include conservative dentistry, endodontic, oral surgery, dental implants, general diagnostic dentistry, orthodontics, and prosthodontic dentistry.

According to the customer experience, Most of the treatments are done by Dr. Saheer Aqel who was very compassionate.
On all occasions, Dr. Saheer was incredibly nice and professional. She persuaded me and put me at ease. I never imagined having to have a filling removed and repaired, and that too while being under local anesthesia! Ameen. May Allah SWT continually bless your hands.

Address: Prince Mohamed Bin Abdulaziz Road,  Tahlia Road (شارع التحلية, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Horizon Dental Clinic

If we talk about the best dental clinics in Madrid, we cannot omit the Horizon Dental Clinic. Located in Al Nuzha Riyadh, its philosophy consists of offering comprehensive dental services for the whole family, thus guaranteeing oral health at any age.

The directors of the center are Dr. Salina Sharaf, who is in charge of a multidisciplinary team ready to care for patients, whatever their ailment. Another point to take into account is their specialization in Pediatric Dentistry, thanks to which they offer the Best of house solutions based on Preventive Programs and Minimum Intervention Protocols.

One of the visitors to the Clinic said that It was an amazing delight to have Dr. Selena. She made sure I was very comfortable during all of my appointments and treatments while using such firm yet compassionate hands. I heartily endorse Dr. Selena! Thank you so much for my new and better teeth, Dr. Selena, if you see this. Love has me.

Address:  Abi Sufyan Ibn Harb, An Nuzhah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Loran Dental Clinic

Finally, another of the best dental clinics is Loran Dental Clinic. They are located at King Abdullah Branch Road Since 1993 giving proactive, high-quality healthcare in a secure, welcoming clinic. Your health is our top priority at Loran Dental Clinics, and we go above and beyond to promptly attend to all of your requirements.

Its facilities are characterized by an effective mix between modernity and comfort, something that fits perfectly with its philosophy based on excellence and honesty toward the patient.

One of their patient Anwaar said about them ” Highly recommended dental clinic; they offer excellent care for a fair price and have the most advanced technology available. Dr. Saud Al Qahtani’s session was wonderful and fantastic!

Address: Next to Java Time King Abdullah Branch Road, Ar Rahmaniyyah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Moustashark Dentist

Moustashark Dental Clinic in Riyadh is a team of dentists who work in a highly synchronized manner to provide comprehensive care to their patients. In their clinic, they fully trust their medical-dental service and offer the 1st Appointment + Diagnosis + Treatment Plans. If as a patient you feel that they are your trusted clinic in Riyadh, we recommend that you do not think about it and go directly to see them. You do not lose anything! and you can earn a lot.

We invite you to visit their facilities, a truly modern and welcoming clinic where you will have a unique experience and the best dental care.

Address: Next to Cachet Khalid Bin Waleed Street Alhamra Camp, Riyadh Saudi Arabia


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