5 Best Abaya Shops in Riyadh – Riyadh Abaya Market

As a Muslim-majority nation, females in Saudi Arabia wear clothing according to the Religious Guidelines of Islam. You may see many Muslim nations except a few where culture crossed with religion which initiated a new type of style in traditional clothing. Abaya was worn by Arab Women since the introduction of Islam, there was no stylization in it, just simple plain Black cloth. With time new types of Abaya styles have been introduced in the Kingdom as well as in other Arab nations.

There are many materials that are popular in the making of Abayas, including cotton, linen, and Chiffon. Abaya wear on the top of main clothes so it is required to be lightweight and summer-friendly. Linen and Cotton are excellent fabrics for abayas due to their lightweight and breathable characteristics. Chiffon and Nidha fabric has a luxurious touch in them, they are lightweight and give amazing hues in the open sun.

Living in Jeddah – Checkout 6 Best Abaya Markets in Jeddah

Abaya Shops



Dirah Market

Abaya Mall

Nouf Al Sudairi

Najma Fadia Abaya

Al Fursan Abaya

Dirah Market

Dirah Abaya Market is not just a place for Abaya Shopping it is more than you think. Every newcomer to Riyadh should visit Dirah market for the ultimate shopping spree. Every style of Abaya is available Basic to nice stylish ones. Dirah Market is one of the Historic markets in Riyadh, Every visitor, resident, and citizen of Riyadh will find this market mix of ancient and modern times. The market contains every imaginable variety of casual and formal dresses, fashion accessories, shoes, and bags everything is available here.

As Dirah market is the oldest running market in Riyadh, shopowners store a huge variety of items of clothing selling at very reasonable rates. You can easily get discounts on items, especially on Abayas, cosmetics, shoes, ladies’ clothes formal/casual, and Western articles.

Best Cheapest Abaya Market in Riyadh

The price range for Abayas is from SAR 70 to SAR 300, or according to the fabric type, chiffon stuff is expensive. Abaya styles are one of the most unique ones, you can say that many new designs were first introduced in Dirah Market, which you cannot find in any other place in Kingdom.

Please note that Dirah market is the busiest market in Riyadh, there is a parking space issue, and you can get paid parking for 5 riyals, which is mostly occupied in the evening hours. There were no fans in the market streets, if you can’t bear the summer heat try to visit the market in the evening time. Also, try to avoid visiting the market at weekends as it gets crowded with people and so much noise.

Nearest Neighborhoods: Al Murabba, Al Shemaysi, Salam Park, Al Yamamah, Manfuhah

Abaya Mall

Not too far from Dirha Market, Abaya Mall is developed to give a modern mall-style shopping experience to customers. Many visitors will be impressed by the mall’s amazing shopping vibes, no parking issues, no summer heat, lifts, and less noise and crowdy but there is only one thing to compromise which is prices. It’s not like the Dirah market where every shop supports the lowest-budget consumer.Best Abaya Shops in Riyadh

Many Abaya shops have their own ladies’ tailors and female staff. It is also not too far away from the iconic kingdom tower of Riyadh. The security at Mall is also really quick and responsive.

There was no issue of variety, every style and design you imagine is available but as compared to Dirah Market you can find new styles more expensive, and remember no bargaining, not only in Abaya Mall, every mall shop owner uses a fixed prices regime with the percentage of discount on few items.

Nearest Neighborhoods: Al Rahmaniyah, Al Raed, Al Muruj, Al Mursalat

Nouf Al Sudairi

Premium Abaya shop is located in Downtown Riyadh near the surrounding Kingdom Tower, Novotel Hotel, and Executive Hotel. Locals in Riyadh who knows about the Abaya shop will mostly not know anything about the Nouf Al Sudairi shop as it is intended for high-class customers or those visiting Riyadh. The nearest hotels accommodate thousands of tourists who like to visit these premium Abaya shops.Best Abaya Shops in Riyadh

Nauf Al Sudairi has every latest style available with extravagant colors and amazing hues. Most Fabrics are of high quality but on the pricy side.

Many tourists don’t know about the local markets at starting of their journey but after a few days, they visit other local and historic markets in Riyadh where they find a lot of new Abaya styles and see the new traditions and culture.

Najma fadia Abaya

The Abaya shop is located in the prominent commercial area of Al Rawdah Riyadh, surrounded by a lot of large malls, and fashion stores especially Abaya shops. Their shops display a variety of Hijab and Abaya styles and accessories.

The Abayas are comfortable, stylish, and meet the requirements of Islam. You can explore the latest collection of Naqab, Hijab, and Abaya by visiting the Najama Fadia Abaya store.Cheap Abaya shops in Riyadh

Their selling variety of Abaya is Classic Black Abaya which is one the most popular with simple design and aesthetics. While their store also sells Full Abaya which covers the body from head to toe, Maxi Abaya, Sheer Abaya, Embroidered Abaya, Batwing Abaya, Printed Abaya, and Portrait Abaya.

Nearest Neighborhoods: Riyadh Mall, Al Andalus, Al Hamra, Al Khaleej, Al Rayyan, Ar Rawdah

Al Fursan Abaya

Convenient Abaya Shop located near Riyadh’s new industrial area in Al Islkan. Many residents of the surrounding areas are families of expatriates and can find a lot of Abaya variety in Al Fursan. Classic Abaya without Naqab is one of the hot-selling items among ex-pat families.best abaya shops in Riyadh

Their shop is located within Yasmin Mall, a large mall located in Al Iskan, it has other variety of shops such as a panda hypermarket and pharmacies. Al Fursan Abaya also provides customized abaya stitching services with embroidery. In schools and Educational institutes, female staff wear gowns and abayas with the same style or uniforms.

Customers can get abayas stitched from them as well as buy modern stylized classic abayas. Al Fursan is committed to fulfilling each individual taste by keeping up with new abaya designs introduced in the Abaya Market of Riyadh.

  • Address: Al Kharj Road, Ak Aksan, القديم, حي الإسكان ،, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Get Location
  • Website: Al Fursan Abaya
  • Phone: +966509904904


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